ASODEC pursues two main objectives which essentially aim to restore hope of a decent life and human dignity to the beneficiary populations, while instilling in them a sense of individual responsibility and civic duties, good stewardship of public assets, and community cohesion.

ASODEC also works, in collaboration with its partners and sponsors, for the protection of the environment, the promotion of human rights, democratic values, the good stewardship of public assets, the education and training of young people and illiterate populations, which constitute guarantees of sustainable development and stability in the life of the population in general. We are convinced that development at the community level leads to sustainable solutions to stimulate the progress of a nation. Thus, ASODEC’s action essentially targets working peasant populations, preferably those who are underprivileged and confronted with the harsh socio-economic realities of daily life.

To achieve our objectives, we periodically organize, in collaboration with our sponsors and partners, seminars and workshops or trainings focused on:

  1. Training of the target population in appropriate technologies and sustainable local production of products necessary for daily use: bread, palm oil, jam, laundry soap.
  2. Vocational training for disadvantaged people, especially widows, single mothers, orphans, and people living with disabilities: in computers, sewing, aesthetics, hairdressing, and other workshops. We particularly we promote the education and/or training of young people in general, widows and single mothers, and illiterate populations in general,
  3. Provision of essential and necessary infrastructure in disadvantaged communities when and where possible. Here we aim at the promotion of social and economic well-being: Promotion of public health, particularly in general sanitation and provision of drinking water. We particularly support to traditional farmers to fight hunger, and we promote sustainable stewardship of the environment for a clean-living environment.

We also organize community conferences to raise the population’s awareness about individual responsibility and civic duties, community cohesion, defense and sustainable protection of the environment, health education, human rights, democratic values, and proper and responsible stewardship of public assets, which essentially contributes to sustainable community development and social stability in general.